You bring the text.
We bring the audio.

A great story is not just written, it needs to be heard.
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How does it work?


Get your existing written content to work for you

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You can do this manually or set it up to be automated each time you publish something new.

Text documents and blog posts


Audiofeed repurposes your content into audio and video

Use our voices or clone your own, then easily edit the generated audio until it's just right.

Each audio and video episode comes with an SEO-optimized page to drive traffic back to your original content.

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Embed the audio in your blog or newsletter

Audiofeed provides you with a simple embed code, enabling you to add audio to your website. This helps keep your visitors on your site longer and improves SEO.


Analyze your results

We measure the results for you, allowing you to witness an increase in traffic, user engagement, and leads.

We help you crush your quarterly marketing goals while providing the data to prove it.


Want to boost the impact of your content?

Distribute your newly repurposed audio (and video) content instantly to podcast networks, YouTube, and social media.

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Use Cases


If you are the kind of person who likes to write and publish a blog, a newsletter, or a book, Audiofeed can help you get your content into people's ears.

Content Marketers

Do you need to get your brand, product, or message in front of more people? Do you want to create more engagement with your existing audience to drive more leads? Audiofeed can help.

Online Publishers

If content is your business, then repurposing that content across multiple mediums can help you increase ad inventory and affiliate revenue.

Newsletter Creators

If you have a newsletter, you can use Audiofeed to create an audio version that can be sent to your subscribers. Don't settle for just the inbox, when your content could also be in your subscriber's ears.


Are you looking for a way to increase engagement on your lessons or self-paced learning modules? Audiofeed helps you create reusable educational content that is easy to keep updated.

Marketing Agencies

Your job is to get results from your client's marketing efforts. Audiofeed can help drive traffic, engagement, leads, and ultimately more revenue for your clients.

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